FENG SHUI – designing a healthy home


BY: Sandra P. Cruz Rionegro

Feng Shui was born in China about 3,000 years ago before our era and part of the basis that everything is energy, and that it can be drive in the same way that electricity drives a machine. This Chi energy as the Chinese call it is present throughout the Universe and circulates in every corner of the planet and the human body. Chi is Life, it is Light, without Chi there is no life. Feng Shui is not a belief, it is a reality to which we are all subjected in our office and home even if you follow it or not. So the house is not just a set of bricks and materials to take refuge, it is an energetic place and a living entity. When we live in a house that enjoys good study of a healthy home we feel at ease and enjoy health; Our career progresses smoothly, and our relationships are positive. On the contrary, in a house with bad Feng Shui everything in life becomes unpleasant, conflicting and negative. In the United States and other major western countries, Feng Shui has become so popular that the real estate industry uses it as a selling tool. A large number of companies consult with Feng Shui teachers to distribute the spaces, locate the president’s office, correctly position the windows and doors so that energy flows, and most importantly, get the best location in the financial area, in order to secure their profits. To do a study of healthy home or Feng Shui the property is divided in the 4 cardinal points and in turn in 8 it is verified which is the front and which is the back side of the property as well as its location in the land.

One of the most important areas is where we sleep. The orientation of the bed plays an important role for the well-being of people, affecting life for better or worse. The bedroom is our last refuge, should be a place of rest, and we recommended:

• No computers, televisions, or sound equipment. How many people should take sleeping pills! If you like to watch a movie before bed, when you turn off the TV, unplug it and cover it better with a cover.• No mirrors, this should go in the closet door, inside, close the closet and the mirror disappears!
• The bed should not be placed under a window, it produces restlessness, uncertainty, it is better to have a solid wall in our bedside, this gives us support and protection.
• The bed should have a headboard, if it doesn’t this provokes a lack of support and apathy.
• The feet should not point toward the door
• The door should not “cross” the bed, it is like sleeping on the street.
• Having the bed very close to the door makes the person very susceptible to any surprises that might arise. The further away the door bed is, the better.
• Traditionally, the North is considered as a good orientation to place the head, it favors rest, but if it is an unfavorable orientation for the person, an “adjustment” is needed
• In the bedroom all decorative elements should represent your passions, dreams and goals in life. Eliminate those elements that depress you or that cause you negative feelings.


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