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FOR SALE: Get your ideal home on the beach, we have 2 projects in Huatulco 9 Bahías Condos and 9 Bahias homes. Both are a short distance from Playa Chahue and 15 minutes from the airport. Once here, all distances are in less than 5 minutes. The options are varied from apartments with garden, or with private parking or with roof or terrace to 2-level houses with 3 bedrooms and private parking.

Your purchase includes the membership of the beach club Sea Soul Huatulco Club for the period of 5 years.

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1.- What are the monthly maintenance fees?

The monthly payment is 4,200 MXN for the condos and around 4,500 pesos for the homes. This amount is subject to change.

2. Will the monthly increase increase annually?

It is difficult to predict whether rates will increase, since it is based on market prices. Notice of fees is given in January of each year at the end of the year and an extraordinary fee may be entered if required.

3. What does the maintenance fee cover?

Management services for the condominium, maintenance of common areas such as gardens, hallways, garbage area, security, fumigation, solar panel cleaning, routine maintenance and general repairs minors.

4. Can my tenants use the beach club?

Your tenants can buy passes for the beach club, however, if you change your membership to a property membership, your tenants can use them for up to 4 adults and two children (under 12 years old).

5. Can I sell my membership to a third party? What happens when my beach club membership ends?

You cannot sell it and when the period ends you can buy a membership for yourself or a property membership for your condo.

6. If I don’t want to use the beach club, will the price of the condo/ house and my monthly rates be reduced?

No, membership is a gift that is granted to buy a condo or house with us.

7. Do I get 5 years of access to the beach club when I buy the condo?

The 5 years count from the deeds signature, this promotion will end at the end of 2027. At the time you have any delay in your maintenance payments of 9 Bahías, the membership will be withdrawn.

8. Can I take guests to the beach club?

The guest pass can be purchased at the Sea Soul facility office

9. If I change my membership to a property membership, is there an additional monthly fee?

Yes, it depends on the administration services you will require.

10. Does the purchase include a parking spot?

Parking in 9 Bahias homes 2 per house the condos do not provide private parking

11. How many people can use the beach club membership? Can we add more people?

The membership that includes the purchase of your property is for two adults and two children under 12 years, for your guest you can buy a pass.

12. What is the construction company’s warranty on construction?

The warranty is for 1 year, as indicated by law, beginning at the time of purchase.

13. What amount is required as a deposit for the signing of the purchase contract and for the purchase offer?

Nothing is required for the purchase offer. Once the terms are agreed, a deposit of $ 100,000 MXN pesos to block market ownership and then, once the contract is signed 30% of the purchase price.

14. How many units must be sold before the neighborhood association is formed?

One, for the condos the neighborhood association is already established.

15. Can the solar energy produced be used by the owners?

The energy produced by solar panels is used for common areas in order to help reduce maintenance fees, it cannot be transferred to departments.