This distinctive “S” Certification is granted to developments and companies that operate in Mexico under the global sustainability criteria. 9 Bahías Condos is the second property in Huatulco, Mexico, to achieve this prestigious recognition for its residential housing and rental property with a successful economic model that includes the conservation of the environment. The key components of this award are based on the excellence in the use of solar panels, the separation of garbage and recycling, the successful use of water for its absorption in the ice sheets and the optimization of energy consumption through thermal insulation and acoustic as well as water heating through panels. The certification was issued by EarthCheck and Rainforest Alliance on April 17, 2018 in Mazatlan. Both EarthCheck and Rainforest are internationally recognized companies that promote the best sustainable practices, aligned with the global sustainability criteria also promoted by the World Tourism Organization.

The benefits obtained by receiving this “S” Certification Badge are:

  • Federal recognition of good practices of sustainable products delivered by SECTUR.
  • Reduction of operating costs without sacrificing the quality of services, to increase profitability.
  • Measurement and monitoring of the carbon footprint of its operations.
  • Increased competitiveness and improved positioning in the market.
  • Promotion of “S” companies at a national and international level.
  • To be considered the basis for the creation of sustainable destinations.

Other certifications:

9 Bahias Condos is also part of the tourism community of certified companies that support the LGBTTTI movement. Active participation in ONCE (national body for standardization and certification of construction and building) for the generation of building materials standards by the construction company Arktual, SA de CV, creator of 9 Bahías Condos, Sea soul Huatulco Club and 9 Bahías Town Homes. We are also part of the Prohotur business association and we follow the etics procedures from SECTUR. Having these certifications helps us in many platforms to help position the real estate market in Mexico.